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Yes And-ing since 1982

stuff i love & stuff I make for you: MOONUKNITS™

Stuff I love & Stuff I make for me


My 818

My favorite people might be your people, too


Jules Blaine Davis
A bestie "kitchen healer" with a magical online shop. Self-love consults and heart shaped wood boards. I have mine.

Allegra Huston
If you want to learn how to write and never have writer's block then my dearest pal is your ticket. Obliterate obstacles, take action, find your voice.

Randall Slavin
All manner of high end photography. Randall is a king behind the viewfinder. Hell, he's just a king, period.

Justine Bateman
Justine is one of my artistic heroes. Pure, raw, real, smart, classy.

Aris Moore
I am OBSESSED with this artist. Psychic collective litmus test. I look at her work almost daily instead of a horoscope. Affordable for now but just you wait...

Joan Hyman
My favorite, favorite yogi Joan Hyman. A true master. Calls cues like a mutha. Online or in person.

Jamie Catto
Musician, author, space holder, heart opener, body mover, empathy awakener.

Reyna Lopez
True to her queenly name, Reyna makes and sells her lovely jewelry.

Geeta Novotny
All things sound and sound healing. Sing from every part of yourself or get sung to. Sonic healing and expansion with crystal sound bowls, body-mind-soul vocal lessons and/or in-home, intuitive opera.

Carolina Goldberg
Carolina is a light being in human form. Teacher, reiki master, yoga teacher, sacred travel guide, writer, and tall, stylish Swedish goddess galpal. One-on-ones and ongoing online group unprecedented, FUN, guided meditation sessions. I also love her spicy skin care items and clearing pendants.

Blaire Embrey
Trained in many healing modalities, Blaire traverses in the world of ceremony. Trauma-informed empowerment, divination, and soul retrievals.

Nikki Hainstock
Canadian author, artist, teacher, musician, shaman, language adjuster, soul contract rewriter, guided inward and outward journeys, incarceration outreach, Despachos, multi day medicine wheel facilitation, surrogacy, Wakkas, custom prayers.

Orna & Matthew Walters
Love Coaches, authors, sweetie pies helping people create:

Melissa Sorell
Trippy visual artist who specializes in pareidolia and found objects in nature.

Ahmet Zappa
Among my funny, extroverted brother's many gifts, talents, interests, books, singing ability, business ventures, and innovations, he also has a highly curated visual side hustle. Rare fine art prints sized and framed to order and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Shana Zappa
Author, artist, generosity generator, fashionista, and all around goddess. Bespoke designs coming soon:

Diva Zappa
Artist, actress, pastry chef, marathon runner, healer, sister. Affectionately known as the "wool fairy" in the UK, shop her handmade knit pieces or book a one-on-one and get spoiled by her laser intuition and tarot readings.

Dweezil Zappa
Virtuoso musician, producer, podcaster, Reward Music founder, ATMOS aficionado.

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I did it! Yayyayayay!

Jun 28, 2024

I did it! Yayyayayay!

 If you are reading this - Hi! It means is officially a reality and that I have full-stop-crushed sever...

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