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Moon Base

I am a passenger in the arbitrary goodie bag that is me.


Image Credit: Tina Schmelzer

I Write master the art of storytelling and to make sense and art out of humans and their bizarre behaviors. I have explored journalism, film, television, literary fiction and non-fiction. My current specialties are satire, fantasy comedy and comedy horror. I love working solo and I love collaborating. I also offer ghostwriting, developmental editing, and creativity coaching. See my 'Make Contact' page for further info.

Image Credit: Kim Max

tea & me

Tea is my other happy place. Tea is meditation and a merging with the lands, hands, hearts and minds that grow, pluck, gather and bring out the best in our brew. Tea is life and a lifestyle. That's why I have a tiny tea company called Moon Unit® Tea. I offer sublime single origins and heavenly blends with love in every cup.

Love my tea too

I play fill my creative well and follow inspiration wherever it takes me. Sometimes I use curse words.


Lovefest for my Collaborators

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