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I did it! Yayyayayay!

I did it! Yayyayayay!

If you are reading this - Hi!

It means is officially a reality and that I have full-stop-crushed several of my longheld professional dreams (memoir, website, tea biz, art, knitting merch, photos of the tragic and funny valley, podcasts...) and landed them here in one playful, me-infused spot.

Now is the time for a wee rest to refuel before the book press revs up for the August 20th publishing date, and before I travel to a bookstore near you where we will celebrate my artistic feats together.

In the kindwhile, I'll be discarding all the heaviness I can, literal and metaphoric, with controlled community journal burns and shared shred fests to make space for daydreaming what comes next. I also plan to do some hella-deep house and attic cleaning, enjoy a no-sugar-no-bread vegan detox, and sweat like crazy doing yoga, dance and hikes to drop the writing-in-isolation lbs. Of course I will keep up with my tea and meditation practices to stay in the who-I-really-am zone regardless of all labels, goals and accomplishments.

While going through old Christmas cards and business cards and inputting the contacts and addresses both electronically and in a real paper address book, I came across these quotes I saved and am re-enjoying contemplating:



Maybe you'll join me in some of the above and share your remaining summer of self-love plans.





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